South-west France native and having lived a long period in Paris, the Franco-Brazilian artist started painting in her very early age. She took pastel and oil painting lessons at The Roger Quillot Museum of Clermont-Ferrand, where she discovered the work of Bernard Buffet. Then she took portraiture lessons, where she learned how to represent human expression and watercolor with master Beyries from Bordeaux.

She started studying Art History at La Sorbonne in Paris, where she discovered the symbolist painter Gustave Moreau and the different interpretations of Venus’s birth.

But it was at the end of her adolescence that she started favoring blue color and its many shades. Having been a competition swimmer for ten years, her relation with water is very particular. Carrier element thanks to Archimedes's push, you however need to fight it in order to move forward. This very strong duality is representative of the human soul because we are all full of contradictions. Besides, isn't that where all the delicacy and beauty of human beings reside?

The search for answers here goes through expressive portraits, absolutely unrealistic and intriguing aquatic compositions. All of this is tinged with the melancholy of passing time, as well as our helplessness in the face of it and the events of life.

Her relation with the ocean is also spiritual and no doubt influenced by her Brazilian culture, where the most important afro-brazilian goddess is Yemanja, Ocean’s queen, mother of all Orishas, fishermen and women’s protector. Thus explains the presence of mysticism, strength and resilience in her work, as an inspiration to overcome obstacles.

A message of hope thrown into the sea for us to have faith in our path.

« Monah Maucouvert considers her work to be her outlet, constantly evolving to express her emotional state. Each mood is ephemeral, and so it is symbolized by movement and represented by water. the expressive nature of her work invites a cathartic emotional reaction in the viewer. »

Aesthetica Magazine 2015

« Monah Maucouvert is based in Paris, where she studied Art History at La Sorbonne. The ocean and its rich, blue hues are a powerful draw for Maucouvert, a former competititve swimmer who feels a connection with her Brazilian culture and local mythology, including goddesses such as Yemanja, the ocean queen. She is represented by Alessandro Berni Gallery, Perugia. »

Aesthetica Magazine 2021